God's Master Plan for Your Money

Find freedom in your finances by following the plan God created for your money! This FREE e-book will teach you how to start your own journey to the freedom God has in store for you.

You'll Learn How To:

Provide For your Family

Get smart about taking care of the people you love.

Practice Generosity

Learn how to change the world around you through giving.

Prepare for the future

Find peace by setting aside money for when you'll need it later.

have fun with money

Enjoy God's blessings by making memories and building others up.

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Start your journey to financial freedom by following God’s Master Plan for Your Money.

About the author

Brian Jewell is a personal finance teacher who has authored more than 300 articles about faith and personal finance at godmoneyme.com. He’s also the creator of 30 Days to Financial Freedom. Follow him online on Twitter and Facebook.

Brian Jewell


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