A Simple Way to Reduce Financial Stress

Our free video series Stress-Free Finance will help you stop worrying and build a more prosperous future.

If trying to manage your money leaves you confused, frustrated and anxious, you need a way to reduce financial stress. That’s why I created Stress-Free Finance.

Money problems can stress you out and make life miserable. Budgeting is a chore, and getting out of debt feels impossible. You know you need to be making better decisions and investing in your future, but you have no idea how or where to start.

Everyone goes through financial ups and downs from time to time. But living with constant low-grade anxiety about your money can contribute to real problems and have serious effects on your mental health. The longer it goes on, the worse it gets, and the harder it is to take steps in the right direction.

If that’s a description of your financial situation, don’t worry —  you’re not alone. I know the struggle you’re in, because I’ve been there myself. And I’m here to show you the way out.

My new video series Stress-Free Finance is a completely free resource that will help you reduce financial stress so you can stop worrying and start building a better future.

Here’s a sample video to give you a feel for what Stress-Free Finance is all about.

The series features a five-minute video each day for five days. Each lesson comes with an uplifting principle from the Bible, some simple, practical tips and an action step you can take to get your financial life on track.

A Three-Step Plan to Reduce Financial Stress

How does Stress-Free finance actually help you reduce financial stress? It’s a simple, three-step process.

  1. Watch the Videos — When you register, I’ll send you the first video in the series. Each video lesson is about five minutes long and is designed to be easy to watch and understand.
  2. Complete the Action Steps — Each video ends with a straightforward action step to help you reduce financial stress and achieve clarity and direction with your money. Completing the action step will help you move forward to a more peaceful and prosperous future.
  3. Watch Financial Stress Disappear — Each day of the program,  you’ll find yourself taking one step closer a life of financial confidence. You’ll understand where your money is going and how to make smart decisions to build the future you were made for.

Did I Mention It’s Free?

I can hear what you’re thinking: “Brian, I’d love to reduce financial stress in my life, but there has to be a catch…. Right?”

I know where you’re coming from. But you can rest easy — there’s no catch.

Stress-Free Finance is completely free. You don’t have to enter a credit card. You don’t have to sign up for a free trial. There’s no recurring subscription fee. In fact, you’ll never be billed for anything.

All it takes to sign up for Stress-Free Finance is a name and an email address. Enter your contact information in the form below, and I’ll send you the first video in the series immediately.

Imagine how good it would feel if all the financial stress and anxiety you’ve been carrying around simply melted away. With Stress-Free finance, you can make that feeling a reality. Why not get started today?

Reduce Financial Stress

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My free video series “Stress-Free Finance” will help you find solutions to your money problems so you can stop worrying.