Tithing When You’re in Debt

Should you stop giving at church while you’re trying pay your debt off?

You’re ready to start living a life of financial freedom. And to do that, you need to use every dollar possible pay off your debts. But how should that impact your giving? Should you quit tithing when you’re in debt?

Many believers wrestle with this question. Tithing sounds great when you have lots of money to spare. But when times are tight, or when there are bills to pay, it can seem like a much bigger burden.

But no matter how difficult it feels, the discipline of tithing is worthwhile. God wants you to live a lifestyle of generosity, and that includes tithing when you’re in debt.

Tithing in the Bible

The principle of tithing — giving 10 percent of your income to God — is first introduced in the Old Testament, and then confirmed by Jesus in the New Testament. Tithing is a command from God, but it comes with a promise of blessing if we’re faithful to obey.

God owns everything. The money and things we have are really just resources  He has given us to manage for Him. And He asks us to set aside some of that for the work of His kingdom.

Because God gives us everything we need, we can trust His promises to bless us and provide for us when we follow Him faithfully. And everything He asks us to do is for our good. God wants us to tithe not because He needs our money, but because He wants us to be connected to His heart.

The Bible says a lot about debt, too — usually warning us to stay away from it. But it never says you should stop tithing when you’re in debt.

God wants you to tithe. He also wants you to get out of debt. And the amazing thing is that doing one will help you do the other.

A Change of Heart

Getting out of debt isn’t just a mathematical formula. It’s a process that involves your heart, your mind and your soul. Escaping debt requires you to discipline your heart and mind and commit to long-term change.

The best way to get out of debt is to commit to God’s way of handling money.  And doing that requires tithing.

It might seem like tithing when you’re in debt will slow down your progress. But many people find that the opposite is true.

Why? Because tithing helps you keep your heart centered on God. When you make a habit of giving your tithe to God, it keeps the love of money from overtaking your heart. You begin to see money the way God sees it and value the things He values.

When your heart and values are in the right place, you’ll make better financial decisions. You’ll have wisdom to make sacrifices now that will pay off later.

In other words, you’ll be more likely to get out of debt quickly, because your heart, mind and money will all be moving in the same direction.

Tithing when you’re in debt is a sacrifice, for sure. But it benefits you in the end.

If you’re struggling with debt, trust God’s promise of provision. Start practicing generosity, even when it doesn’t feel good. Then work as hard as you can to get out of debt. Before you know it, you’ll be walking in financial freedom.

Finding Freedom Together

Getting out of debt doesn’t happen overnight. Financial freedom is a journey you take one step at a time. And like any journey, you’ll go farther and faster if you’re walking with friends.

If you’re working on paying off your debt, join me and a community of others walking this road alongside you in our Facebook group, FINANCIAL FREEDOM. Every day, we share insightful articles, encouraging photos and personal stories to help you stay focused and engaged on your journey to freedom.

This group is a great place for you to interact with me and ask me questions. You can also learn from other people’s stories, share your own experiences and grow in your faith.

Join us today to accelerate your own journey to freedom!

Brian Jewell

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