All Work is God’s Work

No matter what your job is, the work you do matters because God created you to do it.

Is a pastor’s job more important and spiritual than a travel agents? Or is all work God’s work?

I used to think that people who worked in full-time ministry had more meaningful careers than I did. But as I studied what the Bible says about money, work and significance, I realized that all work is God’s work, whether it takes place inside a church or not.

No matter what you do on a daily basis or who you do it for, you’re really working for Him.

If we’re going to use God’s money to accomplish His purposes on earth, we need to understand His economic principles. For instance, all money comes from serving people. And if God calls us all to serve each other, then all work is God’s work.
You're responsible to God for the work you're doing, no matter how trivial the work seems. tweet this!

God’s Work Comes from God’s Creation

God created us and the world around us. He has a fundamental claim to our lives, our time and our resources. We are alive because He created us and breathed life into us. He has allotted a number of days for us in this life. We have money because He has entrusted some of His resources to us.

So no matter what kind of work you do, your resources and privileges all came from God. This means you’re responsible to God for the work you’re doing, no matter how trivial the work seems.

Paul addressed this idea in the New Testament letter he wrote to the Colossians. Let’s check out Colossians 3:23-24:

23 Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters,24 since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving.

You may report to a boss at work who signs your paychecks. But you’re ultimately responsible to God for the way you spend your time. No matter what kind of work you’re doing, you’re really serving God by serving His people. All work is God’s work.

This concept has important implications in the way we think about our lives’ work. Missionaries serving overseas are certainly doing the work of the Lord, but so are the travel agents who help them get from one place to another. Pastors and preachers obviously serve God in the daily work, but so do the grocery clerks, dry cleaners and book sellers who help them in everyday life.

There is no profession more godly than another line of work. No menial work falls outside of God’s will. All work is God’s work.
Every day I should come to work ready to give it everything I've got. tweet this!

Changing the Way I Work

When I embraced this concept, it made a big impact on the way that I work. Since I’m working for God, I no longer do the bare minimum required to keep my job. I have to give every task my very best effort. Every day I should come to work ready to give it everything I’ve got. And I’m determined to do it with a great attitude and a thankful heart.

I don’t always get this perfect. But understanding this concept gives me a goal for how I ought to treating my work. It changes how I interact with my boss, how I treat my co-workers and how I take care of customers.

If we really believe we’re working for God, we’re going to be more productive. And we’ll serve people better. Working for God should make us the best employees our organizations have.

No matter what you do, your work matters. If you approach it with the correct attitude — you’re working for God and not man — you will stand apart from the crowd. And you’ll enjoy your work more while you do it.

All work is God’s work, and He promises to reward us for doing it faithfully.

Don’t Work Alone

No matter what kind of work you’re doing, your work life will be more fulfilling if you’re engaged with friends along the way.

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Photo by Prince Roy. Used under Creative Commons License.

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